Fresh Meat #2.6

Series 2, Episode 6
Posted by Helen Henderson

16, November, 2012

JP’s libido is on the prowl and Kingsley is unimpressed. Josie has reached new heights of denial and Oregon’s new boyfriend has a complicated family life, more complicated than he knows!

At this rate, all of the students are going to fail their courses by the looks of it! Josie has already been thrown off her course due to last week’s accident but when it comes to the stages of grief, she appears to be wholly fixed between denial and bargaining, as she firstly continued attending her course as normal then attempted to get Heather to have the same accident to prove that it was the equipment at fault. Obviously Heather refused to go through with the ‘accident’ and no amount of manipulation from Josie was going to make any difference.

JP had his own issues with Heather as she stepped into the bathroom while he was showering and this had led him into a hormone induced drawing spree, desperately seeking to sleep with someone. The guys were unhappy with their geology tutor Dan (Robert Webb) and decided to lodge a complaint about the quality of his lectures but only Kingsley followed through, leading to Dan almost leaving them behind on a field trip in the Pennines. Unbeknownst to Kingsley, Heather’s antics had JP trying to burn off his energy by rock climbing only to get stuck with only his clueless friends to help him and Howard’s eagerness to get back to a waiting Sabine saw him abandon Kingsley to deal with JP alone. JP did eventually get down from the rock face but not before licking the moss, revealing the situation with Heather, peeing on Kingsley and then using him to break his fall.

Oregon’s new boyfriend Dylan seemed perfect but Vod was suspicious after he rescheduled several dates and believed him to be a player. However, Dylan had genuine reason to cancel their dates as he was comforting his father who was recently divorced. Oregon thought that things were going to work out but on discovering who his dad was, she decided to get horribly drunk – her new boyfriend was Professor Shales’ son, the man she slept with previously! Josie and Vod were unsurprisingly shocked and felt it to be a bit too weird for words so they simply drank away their confusion.

Vod had issues of her own as she was required to take a drugs test in order to receive her bursary but due to the large amount of drugs she imbibes on a regular basis, this was never going to work. Her search was on to find untainted urine but the only person willing to give her a sample was Josie and she was on beta blockers which was only revealed to Vod once the results came through and she ended up announcing her drug use in public anyway. All in all, the students are not having too good a time of it recently.

This episode started off well and built to a hilarious crescendo with Robert Webb adding his usual charming sense of comedy to proceedings. Oregon’s announcement of the identity of Dylan’s father was bum clenchingly embarrassing but also incredibly amusing, I did not see that coming. Vod’s quest for urine led her to some verbal tangling that had me laughing out loud, and Howard’s confusion over Sabine’s intentions were a humorous highlight of the show.

The brilliant thing about Fresh Meat is that every time you think you know what is going to happen, it throws you completely – for example, I thought that Josie would get back on her course and that everything would start going right for her but this didn’t appear to be the case. I half expected the urine sample to come back as indicating Josie was pregnant but I think that would have been just too much drama for one girl. JP, Howard and Vod provide the majority of the comedy while the others bring a sort of grounding to the situations but Josie’s spiralling problems don’t seem to be ending any time soon – hopefully something nice will happen to her in the near future. A great comedy with some interesting twists.

Quick Highlights

Sabine entering Howard’s room: “It's very dark in here” Howard: “Yes. Do you like it?” Sabine: “Not really. You have the kind of room that in a film would be a murderer’s room. No offence.” Howard: “None taken.”

Oregon explaining her new boyfriend’s relationship with regards to her old boyfriend and Josie and Vod’s reactions.

JP standing on a boulder: “You don't have the moral high ground!” Kingsley: “JP just because you are high up doesn't mean you have ‘the moral high ground!’”
Howard rushing back to the house only to find that he has missed his opportunity with Sabine.

Dan’s dark revenge on Kingsley.

JP’s melodramatic screams as he clung to the rock face and then his leap to safety, injuring Kingsley in the process.

Channel 4, Tuesday, 10pm

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